Online Casino Affiliate have often been how for local governments and entrepreneurs everywhere to earn a highly lucrative salary. Epitomised by the large popularity and revenue of Las Vegas , Nevada within the us , the industry has provided financial booms everywhere the planet . Casinos lure in customers with the promise of unimaginable wealth, amazing entertainment and therefore the glamour and excitement that has become synonymous with the industry. Now that very same excitement and large wealth is being generated within the virtual realm of the web . Without the bounds of space and employees, online sites have created a fresh and rejuvenated face for casinos everywhere. New games, new experiences and new opportunities have made the web casino industry one among the foremost profitable around.
But very similar to the important life casinos usher in huge revenues for his or her surrounding areas, so have the web versions found ways of distributing and generating extra revenue. thanks to the large boom in popularity, a similarly sizable amount of companies and online giants are quick to leap on the bandwagon. thanks to the amount of online casinos competition between companies has become intense, with all wanting to attract new members. Some are lured by off line advertisements and large bonus offers, but most are found through affiliate programs.

What are the payment methods for online casino affiliate marketers?

Revenue Sharing

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Referrals play a huge role in this method. As you can get the idea from the name tag, Revenue sharing is a model that enables affiliates to access a certain percentage of the revenue that an online gambling site gets from referrals. It is the long term agreement between parties, and it tends to last for ten plus years in many cases. The percentage of the revenue is decided through the popularity and effectiveness of the campaign. For instance, if the online casino affiliate is master in his job and has a massive audience that follows him/her, then the percentages could rise as high as 45 to 50.

On the other hand, if they are not so popular, the revenue sharing percentage would be around 5 to 10 percent. Revenue share is a method that creates a win-win situation for both parties. Online casinos provide a certain percent of their revenue to promoters. And those promoters became more invested in bringing high-quality customers to that particular gambling platform.

What are the risks for casino operators and affiliates concerning RevShare Method?

Online casino operators think highly of this method while considering the risks too. It is an effective method, though RevShare involves risks too for casino operators. To avoid them, you need to do a background check of the affiliate, talk to previous clients, etc. For affiliates, the risk would be losing money. For instance, let’s say that affiliates and gambling platforms agreed-upon 5 percent because the promoters are new to the business. After a few months, the customers that you brought to the gambling platform may spend well and help them to earn thousands of dollars. In that case, you will only get only five percent of that massive revenue, even though you worked hard to make sure that everything runs perfectly. To avoid such instances, affiliates need to evaluate their specific case and choose the payment method that fits their future projections.

CPA and Hybrid Methods

CPA stands for cost-per-acquisition or cost-per-action. It is another method that gambling platforms and affiliates use for payments. In this method, casinos pay affiliates for certain actions made by players that came from their referrals. Those actions can be registering of the player, first deposit, or anything like that. The combination of both payment procedures is a hybrid method. In this one, the affiliates get a certain percentage of the total revenue from generated players. Besides that, they keep earning as those players perform desirable actions in those casinos such as making deposits, signing up for forms, registering, etc.

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