Internet Cafe Software Paid Surveys
You also have the chance to win money on the web by participating in paid surveys. Companies are able to pay you for your opinion and therefore the more survey sites you join, the higher chances you’ve got of winning money. aside from money, some websites also give prizes for participating in their surveys. Your opinion counts and now you’ll win money by giving your opinion.
Promote Other’s Products
A great thanks to win without spending one dime is by promoting other people’s products. If you’ve got an internet site , you’ll check in for a few affiliate programs and promote their products from your website. most of the people even make a living by joining referral programs. you do not need special skills or experience, but you would like to understand what products are in demand and mostly purchased online. Promoting popular products can assist you win money on the web . albeit you do not have an internet site , you’ll make your own blog and promote the products you’re curious about . Promoting products doesn’t need to be difficult. All you would like is links to the products and a few quality content on your blog which will drive traffic to your blog.


If we asked to describe the River Monster brand by four words, those words would be: simple, secure, complete, and flexible. For those of you who want to have seamless control over your internet cafe platform, you have come to the right place. Our multi-functional internet cafe software will be your primary tool in managing your cyber cafe.


  • Management of Wi-Fi access
  • Charge users through surf and pay
  • Give access through prepaid tickets
  • Surfing stations in kiosk mode
  • Management of workstations

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