As early as June 2017, Greensboro police were cracking down on businesses that housed fish games. A spokesman for the Greensboro local department claimed their investigators had tied fish game tables to violent crimes. the fees justified a ban against the games at local businesses at a time when fish games weren’t deemed illegal.

At the time, Greensboro sent letters to 37 local businesses, calling for them to cease-and-desist from offering real money fish games to customers. The letter said, “Any machine which, for the payment of cash is operated in such how that the operator receives a cash payout of any kinds, regardless of whether the sport requires skill or dexterity.”

“Pattern of Violent Crimes”
Isaah Florence, a cashier at a business that had fish game tables, told WFMyNews Greensboro at the time, “It’s a fun and innocent game. It just involves money in it — and enforcement doesn’t like anything that involves cash money.”

Rick Stevens, an attorney for the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department, said disagreed with Florence’s assements. Stevens said, “Greensboro’s seen a pattern of violent crime that’s been related to these businesses.”

The attorney added, “Walking in with a particular amount of cash and leaving with repeatedly quite that’s getting to be the hallmark of what constitutes an illegal gaming operation in North Carolina versus one that’s lawful.”

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