Welcome to Colorado River Slots.We sell the simplest used slot machines within the industry,and offer used coin machine parts.Our home use slot machines will offer you years of entertainment in your home.We offer quantity discounts for multi game purchases.Call our sales division and invite details.if you don’t see the coin machine you’re trying to find please call us we will get it!!

We cater to casino’s and game rooms with great quality games at wholesale pricing. “Colorado River Slots has the simplest quality refurbished slot machines within the industry.”

Colorado River Slots Having A coin machine Blowout Come and obtain Your coin machine Why Supplies Last. IGT S2000 Reel Slots For $450.00 FREE CRATING otherwise you can purchase A IGT 3902 Video Slot 17 Inch Monitor At $950.00 Plus Gameking 31 Game For $750.00 Video Games accompany New Monitors.This Only Applys To Homeuse Customers Only.

We are selling Ticket in Ticket out TITO system for your slot machines you don’t need to mess with thoses coins and jams anymore please be happy to contact us thereon .

We offer our customers a full warranty for one year parts and labor & Life time tech support.All Of Our Games accompany New Batteries and Rebuilt Power Supply’s.We Install Free New Monitor Tubes altogether of our IGT 17 Inch and 19 Inch Video Slots And Gamekings.

Key features: Full HD graphics and sounds emulate an actual slot machine’s 100 copy — game recovery system for spins that are interrupted. Players return to the same position of reels as before the breakdown of the network. It works with a low internet connection too. Low demands on hardware. You don’t have to buy expensive computers. Multi-currency, multi-denomination. Take-the-home functionality. Players make deposits in your café and withdraw winnings, but play from home.

Why this Software?
Are you concerned about playing casino games on the internet software cafes of Android or iOS? Here is the answer below.

Multi-channel gaming that also allows players to access Android games, iOS and Windows Phone platforms (coming soon).
Linked content of gaming, multiplayer support for wide area, and progressive jackpots. Instant access to new content for gaming.
Personalization by using the profiles of the player. Because of their thin customer nature, lower hardware, software, and maintenance costs are cheaper for game terminals.
Game terminal status and game transactions are also monitored in real time. Higher security, as individual game terminals, can not manipulate the RNG and game logic. More control–it is possible to disable the software, hardware, and peripherals remotely.
Finally, it’s your choice to choose the software that suits your taste and desires. Wish you good luck at picks. You don’t have to do anything, and the Riverslots casino software has already investigated top Riverslot software games to play in an internet cafe for you.

The solution requires a computer network and internet service. Cryptocurrency casino, affiliate system, an online gambling website, and full games are set to provide such a flexible biz solution that provides players with complete anonymity. For product promotion and non – gambling, the answer is useful. Selling computer or Internet time or other product vendors gives their customers the opportunity to claim substantial prizes. Cyber cafe software from Riverslot is a native to an Android, Windows and iOS device client. Thanks to the web-based back office, gaming statistics can be tracked remotely.

Being regularly exhibited at such international fairs as the Global Online gaming Trade show, ICE Totally Gaming and local events have turned Riverslot into a groundbreaking tech company that genuinely deserves international attention. Giving members reach to their favorite online casino software games at both internet cafes and irrespective of their physical location, Riverslot wrecked the boundaries which made them the thing of the past.


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